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Firms just starting out with content marketing should consider a strategy that involves making your blog posts the focal point and using a variety of distribution tools to draw people to them.

A blog is just a tool like all the other tools at our disposal. That said it is an extremely powerful tool, especially for small firms. If you really focus on valuable content that your customers can’t really get anywhere else, that really can position you as having a unique story, position yourself as the leading expert in your niche, a blog is probably the best way to start.

Pulizzi cautions, however, that as simple as that strategy sounds, it takes work. You have to know what your customers are looking for, know where customers hang out, participate in those networks, and write regularly. You also need patience because it typically takes six months for blogs to start gaining traction.

Further, the content you publish—whether its blog posts, white papers, or articles—has to be the best in your subject area. It needs to stand out from all of the content that’s out there.

You can publish just like Inc. Magazine does, like Fast Company, or any of the best media companies in our industry. So, you’re in essence competing with the best media companies on the planet. If you’re going to do that, you’ve got to have the best stuff.

If it isn’t, your customers can go somewhere else in one click.

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