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Legal Thesaurus Construction

Legal Thesaurus Construction: steps and decisions. Synonyms and Controlled Vocabularies in the Semantic Web

Note: Legal Thesaurus Construction is a free book

There is not a legal thesaurus standard. This book may help to build it.

This is a practical resource to the construction of an online legal thesaurus. This guide examines best practices for the selection of a subject-management system, describes the characteristics of some thesauri, explains subject classifications and subject headings, and helps the novice, step by step, to create a legal thesaurus system linked to the semantic web. The technique explained is also useful for creating synonym rings, a compatible classification or other type of taxonomies. It also includes references to metadata guidelines, application profiles, XML, Dublin Core, RDF and RSS feeds for informaton retriaval.

Key areas covered are: controlled vocabularies, planning and design of thesauri, term selection and scope, concepts, vocabulary control; compound terms; scope notes, relationships and interoperability, display of controlled vocabularies, semantic web, linked data, testing and maintenance of thesauri, indexing and cataloguing. The SKOS and the US ANSI/NISO Z39.19-2005 Thesaurus construction standard is also covered.

With this text, cataloguers and indexers can create a unique subject thesaurus that would offer interesting, original synonyms. Using recent media—including books, magazines and newspapers, the user can build a completely legitimate collection of legal terms and concepts in current use.

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