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E-Business Set Up: the Answers

E-Business Set Up: the Answers. A Reference Guide for Professionals


In the book, Salvador Trinxet answers the common startup questions that all small businesses have about the legal, accounting, tax and general management issues involved in setting up a new business–but from the point of view of someone starting an online business.

From identifying your market to building your Web site to attracting (and keeping!) customers, this friendly guide covers it all. You’ll take advantage of the latest Internet marketing trends, secure your site, receive online payments, and deal with legal and tax issues — all from the comfort of home.

Website design considerations featured in the book includes developing content, establishing a graphic identity, offering features like guestbooks and discussion groups, setting up sites to handle secure sales, providing various payment and shipping options, providing customer service, and becoming a resource for customers. Greg Holden points out that business people can attract prospective customers to their sites by offering important information, products, services, and features free of charge that will not only enhance the appearance and functionality of a Website but may also end up enhancing one’s bottomline!

When it comes to marketing, Holden provides realistic and easy to use marketing strategies and advice developed to draw attention. Readers will learn about starting their own newsletters, using newsgroups and mailing lists, holding contests, establishing business partnerships, exchanging links, placing banner ads, and using meta tags to attract the attention of search engines!

Other important online business considerations covered in the book includes Website security, legal matters, trademarks, copyrighting, taxes, and record keeping. Trinxet offers instruction and advice on these and other matters and directs his readers to Websites where they can find further information.

Discover how to:

Draw up a cyberbusiness plan

Acquire equipment and inventory

Market to customers around the world

Improve your search engine ranking

Table of Contents of the book

A Big Picture Guide to Internet Businesses
A Few Words About Internet Businesses
Setting a Strategy for Your Internet Business
Six Common Formulas for Small Business Success
Where to Find the Money to Start an Internet Business
Forming a Business Entity
Setting Up an Accounting System
Licensing Your Internet Business
Building Your Website
Choosing the Right Domain Name
Collecting Your Content
Creating the Actual Web Pages
Handling Online Payment Processing
Publishing the Web Pages to Your Web Site
Search Engine Optimization Basics
Common Questions about Starting an Internet Business
Question #1: How Much Money Can You Make?
Question #2: How Quickly is an Internet Business Profitable?
Question #3: Can I Use Google Adwords to Build Traffic?
Question #4: How Many Links Do I Need?
Question #5: What Products or Services Sell Best?
Question #6: What’s the Big Mistake People Always Make?
Question #7: What’s the Biggest Opportunity People Miss?
Question #8: How Do I Find Good Affiliate Programs?

SThis book offers readers an excellent introduction to the art and science of setting up an online business. Every major aspect of starting a business is covered in adequate detail to help someone get started.

A few of the topics include:

• Onsite SEO tweaks that if implemented correctly could literally drive hundreds (or thousands) of highly-targeted buyers to your site every day.
• Offsite SEO tactics geared to channeling traffic to your site from external, Google-friendly sources.
• Keywords how to research and use them correctly. Believe it or not, the keywords you think define your business may be wrong and that’s costing you business.
• Creating powerful content – learn how to sculpt the words, images, videos and other site components that Google uses to determine your website’s ‘value’.
• Copywriting secrets that get results.
• Essential website components like sitemaps and privacy policies that are now crucial to win the approval of search engines.
• How to get quality links from content-related websites.
• Learn how to exploit Google and Yahoo, Bing, Squidoo, HubPages, MerchantCircle, SmartGuy, Leapfish, Yelp and other resources to reinforce your local search results.
• Using video to drive targeted traffic…and your video doesn’t need to be a video and you don’t even need a camera.
• Local Search is one of Google’s top priorities and capitalizing on this is something that most website owners fail to do correctly.
• Social networking can be a huge waste of time and energy if done the wrong way. Use it to win!
• Social marketing is the new advertising mantra and if used tactically, can drive hordes of targeted traffic.
• Social bookmarking – how to use automated services to bookmark your pages adding hundreds (or thousands) of links back to your site.
• Using an ‘autoresponder’ to build a list of prospects and customers means recurring revenue. Learn how to do it right.
• Online tools with a focus on free resources to help you build and manage your marketing effort.
• Track visitor activity and discover what keywords brought them to your site – and from where they came.
• Set up a fully-functional website using this simple – and FREE – search-optimized software that I recommend to all my private clients.
• Make your website mobile-friendly because smartphones will soon become the primary interface to the Internet.
• Blogging is one of the most critical tactics of a successful marketing strategy because Google LOVES blogs (nothing else matters). Learn how to:
• Choose the best blogging platform
• Find the most important ‘Plugins’ you’ll need
• Maximize your keywords in your blog
• Optimize your blog for maximum effectiveness
• Where to get the best ‘free’ themes
• A custom ‘ping list’ that will notify scores of search engines every time you make a new post.

E-Business Set Up: the Answers

ISBN-10: 1624680321
ISBN-13: 978-1-62468-032-8

Publication date: April 18 2010

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