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Library of Essays

Library of Essays

The Library of Essays in International Law

This series is the product of a four-year project to bring together the most significant works in several fields of international law published in the last century. In the process of selection, the editor has consulted many international law experts worldwide and conducted exhaustive literature surveys. The resulting library consists of several volumes arranged topically. A special effort has been made to identify and include works that have been ‘forgotten’ over time, but which merit rediscovery in the light of contemporary trends in the globalization of the law.

Across the volumes, readers can see that the work of prior generations of humanitarian lawyers has relevance for contemporary debates as many topics which today’s international lawyers are struggling with have been addressed by previous generations.

This set of volumes of the Library of Essays in International Law reprints some of the most significant works in the field published in the last century and enables scholars to better understand the evolution of international law, and practitioners to apply the law on the battlefield or in national and international tribunals.

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