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European law. Key EU legislation

European Law. Key EU Legislation: the Book

Subtitle: Essential Community Law Materials

This is an essential resource for those studying EU law on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and will also be of interest to students of political science, social science and business studies.

European Law. Key EU legislation is intended as the essential revision guide, but can also be used alongside any European or international law study throughout the year.

The book was also designated to provide a simple and effective way for students to absorb and retain the essential facts needed to pass their exams effortlessly. European Law. Key EU legislation is supported by the companion website at, where you will find extensive revision materials including MCQs and Key Q&As.

Main features of European Law. Key EU legislation include:

  • Diagrams at the start of chapters to summarise the key points
  • Chapter summaries with the main points at the end to reinforce what you should learn
  • Sample essay questions with answer plans to help you structure your essays
  • Questions with guidance on answering to help you prepare for end of year exams
  • A glossary of legal terminology to ensure you understand key words and phrases
  • Student mentor tips
  • Structured heading levels to allow for clear recall of the main facts
  • Tables to break down more complex information
  • All the essential EU cases included
  • Great value for money

EU Jurisprudence covered in the book

European Law. Key EU legislation includes many EU case law, designed to give a clear understanding of important EU cases. They will make learning the leading EU cases effortless and are useful for when starting a new topic.

Main features of the case law included in the book are:

  • Opening summary of the key points
  • Expert selection of cases
  • Recognisable and memorable elements, including the key facts, key law, key principles, key judgments, key comments and key problems as appropriate in each case
  • Cases for comparison and contrast are highlighted to illustrate alternative opinions and perspectives
  • Description of the basic facts of the case
  • The major principle of the law in the case
  • An actual extract from a judgment made on the case
  • Influential comments made on the main cases

A student-friendly book

European Law. Key EU legislation has been written specifically to ensure that readers understand fully the concepts required and are able to apply them with confidence.

European law is an essential element of all law degrees. European Law. Key EU legislation will ensure that you grasp the main concepts with ease providing you with an indispensable foundation in the subject. The book is designed specifically to make the EU law accessible. Each chapter contains self-test questions, key facts charts, tables to aid learning and numerous headings and sub-headings to make the subject manageable. They also include summaries to check your understanding of each chapter, a glossary of legal terminology, essay questions with answer plans and exam questions with guidance on answering.

Main benefits of the book

European Law. Key EU legislation will ensure that you grasp the main EU concepts and case law with ease, providing you with this essential foundation. It is a pedagogic law textbook to make learning the law easier. The book covers all the core subjects as well as popular option units.

Resources supporting this book  include:

  • multiple choice questions
  • key questions and answers
  • videos about European Union law
  • guidance on how to answer
  • updates to the EU law
  • glossary

Other benefits of the book include:

  • Numerous citations, quotations and extracts mean that students will be exposed to primary sources of legal language
  • Cases and judgments are highlighted making them easy to find for cross-reference and revision
  • Concept and terms are explained clearly allowing for accessibility and understanding

Which is included in the book?

The book covers a full array of EU law topics, including:

  • The origins and character of EC Law
  • The political and legal institutions of the European Union
  • The sources of EC Law
  • The legislative process
  • Enforcement of EC Law (‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ actions)
  • Article 234 and the preliminary reference procedure
  • The relationship between EC Law and national law – supremacy and direct effect
  • The Internal Market
  • The free movement of workers
  • Freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide and receive services under Articles 43 and 49
  • The free movement of goods and Articles 28 and 29
  • Article 25 and Customs tariffs and Art 90 and discriminatory taxation
  • EC competition law
  • Social policy
  • Other policies
  • Discrimination law and Art 141

ISBN-10: 1624684726
ISBN-13: 978-1-62468-472-2
Publication date: Jul 17 2011

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