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Tax Books

Some US Tax Books recommended are:


  • Civil Tax Procedure, by David Richardson, Jerome Borison & Steve Johnson
  • Employee Benefits Law: Qualification Rules and ERISA Requirements, by Kathryn Kennedy & Paul Shultz
  • Federal Tax Accounting, by Michael Lang, Elliott Manning & Steven Willis
  • Partnership Taxation, by Richard Lipton, Paul Carman, Charles Fassler & WalterSchwidetzky
  • Bankruptcy Taxation, by Frances Hill & William Lyons
  • Corporate Taxation, by Charlotte Crane & Linda Beale
  • Federal Taxation of Property Transactions, by Elliott Manning & David Cameron
  • Tax Crimes and Tax Fraud, by Steve Johnson, Scott Schmacher, Larry Campagna & John Townsend
  • Tax Practice Ethics, by Linda Galler & Michael Lang
  • U.S. International Taxation, by Philip Postlewaite, Samuel Donaldson & Allison Christians

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