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What is Magazine Blog?

What is Magazine Blog? A number of things, actually. In the broadest terms, it’s what we call a CCMS; a Community Content Management System. But that doesn’t tell you much, does it? Maybe some bullet point details will help:

  • Magazine Blog is a community platform. The primary mission of our software and the service it powers is communication through interaction. People talking to people. Thoughts exchanged, customers reached, and lives touched. We operate under the basic assumption that the only thing as important as expression is feedback.
  • Magazine Blog is a personal publishing tool. Within minutes of signing on, you can have a working weblog, journal, or diary. If you know how to post to a message board, you know how to manage your own content-rich site. And fortunately, it isn’t just for beginners; demanding users can access powerful scripting and template tools that will turn your humble weblog into a complex, dynamic resource.
  • Magazine Blog is a forum environment. Robust threaded and linear discussion that encourages extended conversations and debate. No simplistic comment system here, folks. No anonymous spam.
  • Magazine Blog is a little like a Wiki. Linking between the various entries and articles in your blog (or posts in the forum) is as simple as typing the title of the desired document. And if there’s no match available, JournURL will serve up a page of search results to get your reader back on the right track.
  • Magazine Blog is a supporter of syndication and interoperation. All blogs publish RSS 2.0 syndication feeds. All blogs support Trackback. And soon, all blogs will be able to integrate OPML blogrolls.
  • Magazine Blog is an experiment. We call it “sharewhere”. Create an account, create a site, and have fun… it’s free for non-commercial use. But we ask that you please commit to a monthly or annual donation to help support management costs and continued software development. As a bonus, with your donation, you’ll gain access to advanced features like WYSIWYG editing, file storage space, and email.

Does that make it any clearer? I hope it should become self-evident pretty quickly.

Oh, and welcome aboard.


Magazine Blog isn’t your average personal publishing tool. In constant development, it tightly integrates the expressive freedom of blogging with something that is often an afterthought: interaction.

Magazine Blog At-A-Glance:

  • From zero to blog in just a few minutes
  • Unique integration of personal publishing and communal discussion
  • Build photoblogs and photo albums
  • A sophisticated template language for complex sites…
  • …and menu-driven templates for more basic endeavors
  • Mobile blogging (cellphones, PDAs, and laptops)
  • Basic accounts are free, although contributions are welcomed

What some people have commented about Magazine Blog:

  • “The system itself is quite intriguing, blending aspects of many current social software modalities–discussion forums, weblogs, wikis, content syndication, and even promises of simplified trackback.”
  •  “…it’s a visionary idea and a pretty impressive implementation.”
  • “I think the software [Magazine Blog] is one of the most ‘socially aware’ examples of social software I’ve seen … because he’s done something I’ve seen few other social software people do — look and listen to the people who are going to use it.”
  • “The system  extends the theory of weblogging comments with a full featured discussion forum tacked on.”

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