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Salvador Trinxet´s Legal Series

Increasing Specialization in Legal Programs
Laws and regulations have increased in number and complexity over the years. While it may have been possible forty years ago for a student to acquire an in-depth understanding of a large part of the statutory rules and regulations in twenty-four credit hours, that is now an un-realistic goal. Consequently, most LL.M. programs have adopted a more modest goal of providing students both a solid foundation in several fundamental courses (e.g., taxation of property transfers, european union taxation, corporate and partnership taxation, and tax procedure) as well as an opportunity to specialize by taking a number of courses in one of several areas (e.g., as business planning, estate planning, and international legal planning).
The corollary to increased specialization is reduced coverage. This in turn has made it increasingly important that graduate programs focus on skills in reading the laws and regulations, in learning how the courts and tax authorities deal with ambiguities, and in anticipating the application of common law doctrines. These skills are imperative if graduates are to be prepared to deal both with areas of tax law that they have not formally studied and new tax laws that are enacted with increasing frequency and that almost always add complexity. In short, the International Legal Series authored by Salvador Trinxet emphasize the development of  international skills that the modern  lawyer needs to thrive in practice, including European union law.

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