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Blog Valuation

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Blog Valuation

How to value a blog?

Here are some tips. The are not really cientific, but can give an idea. We use a fictional example.

Eyeball It
How many people read the blog?. You can consult an Internet-traffic measurer, like ComScore. Imagine it counts 1.3 million unique visitors a month. How much is that traffic worth?. You should compare. If a similar blog was sold for a value of roughly $4 a visitor, apply that rate to your blog’s traffic and you get a baseline value of $5 million. Many of your blog readers, mind you, visit the site several times a day, which suggests that the method below might be a better way to go.

Count Those Ads
Your blog could command advertising fees of $5 to $10 per 1,000 pageviews, for example. The better if you have valuable audiences: more than $75,000 a year. Let say ComScore says the site gets about 60 million pageviews a month. If your blog sold every page, you could earn $7.2 million annually; selling two-thirds would getyou $4.8 million. Though many internet media deals are going for three to five times annual revenue, the bankers think two times seems more reasonable, maybe given your blog’s size and relatively low rate of growth.

Ask Your Mother What It’s Worth
Your blog own running tally, posted on your blog’s front page, showed many million visitors in one month. But there’s a hitch: Those are pageloads, not pageviews. Maybe your site refreshes 20 times an hour.

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