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Diplomacia tomando un cafe Libro Salvador Trinxet Plaza


Salvador Trinxet Lorca es Presidente de ESNI (Estudios Superiores en Negocios Internacionales), autor de numeros libros de referencia jurídica y Derecho de la Unión Europea, así como abogado especializado en Derecho internacional, especialmente derecho europeo internacional. MBA por Instituto de Empresa.

Un artículo en el Periódico La Vanguardia hace referencia a sus trabajos como abogado en los campos del Derecho comunitario y Derecho Europeo. Ver artículo


About Salvador Trinxet

Salvador Trinxet Llorca is a writter, scholar and lawyer. In all three roles, he is passionate about understanding how legal Reference Works (like dictionaries and enciclopedias) may be improved in the 21st century.

His main research interests are historic legal references, internet legal research, the law of the World Trade Organisation, European law, trade agreements, the legal profession and the link between all of these areas of law and practice.

He spends most of his time consuming, and increasingly often producing, academic articles, encyclopedic entries, blog posts, essays and books.

Organizations and Affiliations

Salvador Trinxet is President of ESNI (International Business Studies), author of many reference and European Union law books and a lawyer specialiced in International and European Union law.

Please see his Additional Affiliations Page for a list of his old, dormant, minor, and more advisory affiliations.


Note: You can find Salvador Trinxet´s academic publications on the academic work homepage.

He publishes extensively on international law and european union law. He is also the author of the most comprehensive legal abbreviations dictionary, the co-founder and co-editor of the Legal Magazine and other publishing initiatives, and founder and editor-in-chief of the largest free wiki encyclopedia of law, covering law in Asia, Africa, the European Union and the United States.

You can find links to short articles he has written by visting his blog.

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